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GTU Viva Marks Entry, Get Online Viva Mark Entry Details @ gtu.ac.in

GTU Viva Marks Entry | Check GTU Viva Marks Entry Circular/ Student Marks Display/ GTU External Viva Mark Entry @ gtu.ac.in

GTU Viva Marks Entry: Gujarat Technological University (GTU) has introduced Online Viva Mark Entry Manual for Coordinator and Examiner at its official portal. Currently they conduct various semester examination, for these examination students’ marks will be calculated by internal and external marks, the internal marks should consist of assignment, viva voce etc. The University has published online viva mark entry tab, by using this tab the examiner and coordinator can enter student’s viva marks.

Here you can get the procedures for GTU coordinator to register external examiner, allocate student batch and helping external examiner for marks entry and locking. By using this page, candidates can get the details how to enter viva marks in the external and internal exams. At the end of the page, we are given some of the instructions for Viva Marks GTU entry.

GTU Online Viva Marks Entry for Coordinator

  • The coordinator has initially login to the GTU Viva Marks entry page.
  • Then click registration tab to register external examiner.
  • You have to fill below given details.
  • Name of examiner
  • College code
  • Email id
  • Current mobile no.
  • Semester
  • Course code
  • Subject code
  • After entering these details one time password will be generated and will be sent to examiner’s entered e mail id for viva mark entry and other procedure.
  • If examiner column is shows blank for particular student, this will informs you that these students are not allocate to any of examiner. Hence GTU co-ordinator is informed to allocate this student to examiner and conduct viva of that student.

GTU Online Viva Marks Entry for Examiner

  • First Examiner should login by using their user name and password.
  • Then select Semester, Branch Code And Subject Code.
  • For Viva Mark Entry, examiner has to click on viva tab.
  • Enter marks for the student in online mark-sheet.
  • After GTU Viva marks entry, examiner should click on save button.
  • After entering marks, examiner has to take print out of provisional student mark-sheet to verify mark entry by clicking on mark sheet tab.
  • After verification of GTU online mark entry, examiner has to lock marks by clicking on lock mark.

GTU Viva Marks Entry Important Instructions

  • External Examiner Registration Will Be Done on the day of Exam only.
  • Advance Or Post exam Registration is Not Allowed In Viva Mark Entry System.
  • Default Allocation Of Students Are Decided By Exam Section.
  • GTU Coordinator Have to Collect the Letter after Locking the Subject Code and Then only external viva examiner will be relieved from practical examination centre.

For more details about GTU External viva marks entry, GTU online viva mark entry, GTU Marks entry circular etc. will be available on the official website and our website (colleges.dailyrecruitment.in).

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