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Calicut University Degree Pass Mark, Get How Many Marks to Pass in Calicut University Degree

Calicut University Degree Pass Mark | Mark System | Get Calicut University Pass Mark Out of 60/ Calicut University Pass Mark out of 80/ Calicut University Mark System

Calicut University Degree Pass Mark: Candidates who are pursing UG/ PG courses in University of Calicut then you have to look this article. Here we are given some of the details of Calicut University Mark System, Calicut University Pass Mark Out of 100 etc. The Calicut University evaluation process should consists of two parts Internal assessment and External Evaluation, 20% weight shall be given to the internal assessment and the remaining 80% weight shall be for the external evaluation.

At the examination, candidates initially check How Many Marks to Pass in Calicut University Degree. For passing a semester examination and enter the next semester (from 1st to 2nd, from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th) student should get minimum 36% marks in each paper separately of Theory and Practical Examinations including dissertation / thesis / project work.

Range of Marks in test paper Out of 8 (Maximum internal marks is 20) Out of 6 (Maximum internal marks is 15)
Less than 35% 1 1
35%- 45% 2 2
45% – 55% 3 3
55% – 65% 4 4
65% -85% 6 5
85% -100% 8 6

By using this table, candidates can get Calicut University mark system and Calicut University Grade Card.

Calicut University Grade Card

Grade Card means the printed record of students’ performance, awarded to him/her.

  • The University shall issue to the student’s grade/marks card (by online) on completion of each semester, which shall contain the following information:
  • Name of University
  • Name of College
  • Title of UG Programme
  • Semester concerned
  • Name and Register Number of students
  • Code number, Title and Credits of each Course opted in the semester
  • Letter grade in each course in the semester
  • The total credits, total credit points and SGPA in the Semester (corrected to three decimal places).

Calicut University Grading System

Percentage of Marks (Both Internal &External put together) Grade Interpretation
95 and above O Outstanding
85 to below 95 A+ Excellent
75 to below 85 A Very good
65 to below 75 B+ Good
55 to below 65 B Satisfactory
45 to below 55 C Average
35 to below 45 P Pass
Below 35 F Failure

Calicut University pass mark out of 75

  • Candidates should get 10 out of 25 in the internal assessment and 40% marks in Semester End Examination.

Calicut University Pass Mark out of 60

  • In the practical examination, candidates need to take 9 marks out of 30. Calicut University degree pass marks out of 80 are 26.

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